Bridgewater Scouts


Bridgewater Scouts was a Kentucky State unit mustered as a Company of Secret Service Men at Stanford, Lincoln County, on November 10, 1863.  It was commanded by Captain James H. Bridgewater and included 20 other men.  The unit was very active in engaging guerrillas throughout Central Kentucky.  Many of his Scouts would later join him in the Hall's Gap Battalion, which also fought a number of actions against guerrillas in 1864 and 1865.



Bridgewater Scouts, 3rd Military District, Sons of Veterans Reserve


The Bridgewater Scouts SVR Company was formed in September, 2006 along with the Major James H. Bridgewater Camp #7.  The initial roster held 8 brothers and grew to 23 members representing several camps.  John Carter, one of their members, is a descendant of a Bridgewater Scouts soldier James Harris.  The Company holds it's headquarters in Lincoln County, Kentucky, which places it in the 3rd Military District, embracing Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio.  The Company has joined Major James H. Bridgewater Camp #7, as well as other Kentucky camps, for monument dedications and memorial services.  Many of their members reenact, primarily in the 8th Kentucky Cavalry and 14th Kentucky Light Artillery reenacting units.  Most reenactments and living histories include a memorial service, in which their members participate. The Scouts have also fought as a separate unit on a number of occasions.  Recently, members of the company escorted President Lincoln on a special Lincoln Train ride at the Bluegrass Railroad Museum in Versailles, Kentucky and served as the Provost Marshall and Color Guard at the 128th National Encampment of the SUVCW, held in Louisville.  For more information contact Company Commander Timothy H. Downey at